Hard Choices | Hillary Clinton

Hard Choices (انتخاب‌های سخت / گزینه‌های دشوار) is a book of Hillary Clinton (هیلاری کلینتون). It is full content of this book. If you know about this rare book, stay with us.

Introduction about Hard Choices (Author note)

All of us face hard choices in our lives. Some face more than their share. We have to decide how to balance the demands of work and family. Caring for a sick child or an aging parent. Figuring out how to pay for college. Finding a good job, and what to do if you lose it.

Whether to get married—or stay married. How to give our kids the opportunities they dream about and deserve. Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become. For leaders and nations, they can mean the difference between war and peace, poverty and prosperity.

I’m eternally grateful that I was born to loving and supportive parents in a country that offered me every opportunity and blessing—factors beyond my control that set the stage for the life I’ve led and the values and faith I’ve embraced. When I chose to leave a career as a young lawyer in Washington to move to Arkansas to marry Bill and start a family, my friends asked, “Are you out of your mind?” I heard similar questions when I took on health care reform as First Lady, ran for office myself, and accepted President Barack Obama’s offer to represent our country as Secretary of State.

In making these decisions, I listened to both my heart and my head. I followed my heart to Arkansas; it burst with love at the birth of our daughter, Chelsea; and it ached with the losses of my father andmother. My head urged me forward inmy education and professional choices. And my heart and head together sent me into public service. Along the way, I’ve tried not to make the same mistake twice, to learn, to adapt, and to pray for the wisdom to make better choices in the future.

What’s true in our daily lives is also true at the highest levels of government. Keeping America safe, strong, and prosperous presents an endless set of choices, many of which come withimperfect information and conflicting imperatives. Perhaps the most famous example from my four years as Secretary of State was President Obama’s order to send a team of Navy SEALs into a moonless Pakistani night to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. The President’s top advisors were divided. The intelligence was compelling, but far from definitive. The risks of failure were daunting. The stakes were significant for America’s national security, our battle against al Qaeda, and our relationship with Pakistan. Most of all, the lives of those brave SEALs and helicopter pilots hung in the balance. It was as crisp and courageous a display of leadership as I’ve ever seen.

This book is about choices I made as Secretary of State and those made by President Obama and other leaders around the world. Some chapters are about events that made headlines; others are about the trendlines that will continue to define our world for future generations.

Of course, quite a few important choices, characters, countries, and events are not included here. To give them all the space they deserve, I would need many more pages. I could fill a whole book just with thanks to the talented and dedicated colleagues I relied on at the State Department. I have enormous gratitude for their service and friendship.

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Contents of Hard Choices Book

  •  Author’s Note
     – Chapter 1 | 2008: Team of Rivals
     – Chapter 2 | Foggy Bottom: Smart Power
     – Chapter 3 | Asia: The Pivot
     – Chapter 4 | China: Uncharted Waters
     – Chapter 5 | Beijing: The Dissident
     – Chapter 6 | Burma: The Lady and the Generals
     – Chapter 7 | Af-Pak: Surge
     – Chapter 8 | Afghanistan: To End a War
     – Chapter 9 | Pakistan: National Honor
     – Chapter 10 | Europe: Ties That Bind
     – Chapter 11 | Russia: Reset and Regression
     – Chapter 12 | Latin America: Democrats and Demagogues
     – Chapter 13 | Africa: Guns or Growth?
     – Chapter 14 | The Middle East: The Rocky Path of Peace
     – Chapter 15 | The Arab Spring: Revolution
     – Chapter 16 | Libya: All Necessary Measures
     – Chapter 17 | Benghazi: Under Attack
     – Chapter 18 | Iran: Sanctions and Secrets
     – Chapter 19 | Syria: A Wicked Problem
     – Chapter 20 | Gaza: Anatomy of a Cease-fire
     – Chapter 21 | Climate Change: We’re All in This Together
     – Chapter 22 | Jobs and Energy: A Level Playing Field
     – Chapter 23 | Haiti: Disaster and Development
     – Chapter 24 | 21st-Century Statecraft: Digital Diplomacy in a Networked World
     – Chapter 25 | Human Rights: Unfinished Business Epilogue

Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton was an American politician and the candidate of the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States of America in the 2016 presidential election, who faced her Republican rival; Donald Trump lost. She is the first female candidate who was able to reach such a position in one of the main American parties. He served as the 67th Secretary of State of the United States of America from 2009 to 2013 in the former US President Barack Obama’s administration. Clinton served as the United States Senator from New York from 2000 to 2009, from 1993 to 2001 during the presidency of her husband Bill Clinton, as the first lady of the United States, and from 1979 to 1981 and from 1983 to 1992 as the first lady of Arkansas. has been active

With the election of Bill Clinton as president, Hillary became the first lady of the country. He continued his non-profit activities. In 1993, he was selected as the head of a special group called Health Care Reform, which was responsible for reforms in the public health sector.

On June 10, 2014, he published his memoirs under the title “Hard Choices”. Simon & Schuster publishing company printed one million copies of Clinton’s memoirs.

دانلود کتاب انتخاب‌های سخت از هیلاری کلینتون

انتخاب‌های سخت، نام کتابی از هیلاری کلینتون سیاسمتدار آمریکایی است. این کتاب که به نوعی دفتر خاطرات وی می‌باشد، در سال ۲۰۱۶ میلادی منتشر شده است.

کتاب انتخاب های سخت دارای ۶ فصل و ۲۵ بخش است و نویسنده در این کتاب، خاطرات خود را به صورت موضوعی مطرح کرده‌است. این موضوعات شامل عملکرد او در آسیا، اروپا، آمریکای لاتین، آفریقا، خاورمیانه و… به همراه موضوعاتی نظیر تغییرات آب و هوایی، انرژی، حقوق بشر و دیپلماسی دیجیتال است.

این کتاب که توسط کاربران تهیه و ارسال شده است، نسخه اصلی کتاب Hard Choices به زبان اصلی (انگلیسی) می‌باشد که هم‌اکنون می‌توانید آن را دانلود بفرمایید. این کتاب به علاقمندان به علوم سیاسی و تاریخ معاصر، توصیه می‌شود.

Hard Choices | Hillary Clinton

شناسنامه کتاب

نام کتاب: انتخاب‌های سخت
نویسنده: هیلاری کلینتون
سال چاپ: ۲۰۱۶ میلادی
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت کتاب: PDF
حجم فایل کتاب: حدودا ۲۴ مگابایت
شمار صفحات: ۲۵۲۰ برگ الکترونیکی

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